What is HIVO?

HIVO is a digital asset management platform pushing the boundaries of how businesses and the people that work in them store, manage and collaborate on digital assets. Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, HIVO is a smart way to store, manage, collaborate, review and share digital files.

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Who uses HIVO?

Our customers are behind everything we do – from our product enhancements, support and training programmes and our plans for the future. The team at HIVO succeed when our customers succeed – it’s as simple as that! We have hundreds of happy users across a broad range of job functions including:

  • Communications Departments
  • Brand Partners
  • Production Agencies
  • Corporate Executives
  • Influencers
  • Digital Agencies
  • Media Professionals
  • Design Agencies
  • Marketing Departments
  • Freelancers

Digital Asset Management

The engine room of your branded content

HIVO’s digital asset management module is a safe, secure, and easy way to store brand assets like images, logos, pdf’s and videos. It’s all housed in the cloud, which means you can access your assets anytime, anywhere.

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Creative Project Management

Effortless collaboration to drive productivity

HIVO’s project management portal helps creative teams reduce chaos during content creation, project review and approval. Gain clarity with a standardised and repeatable project review process. Open lines of communication to improve efficiency and accountability across teams and maintain an audit trail of all communication and feedback.

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HIVO is currently used by the following organisations.

Ready to transform your business?

“It’s great to finally have a platform where I can easily access ALL our creative content in one place.”

Rhys Hyatt – Marketing & Communications Manager
University Of Western Australia

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