Digital asset management

Digital Asset Management

HIVO is an intelligent digital asset management solution for marketers and digital teams to store, organise, adapt and distribute rich media and experiences across the entire customer journey.

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Digital Assets

Automate with intelligence

Use machine learning and advanced algorithms to help your organisation discover hidden assets with automated tagging and decide what matters with insights and analytics into how your business uses it’s digital assets.

Media Storage

Use the media library feature to upload, download, view and manage media such as photos, videos, transcripts, pdf’s and design files. All media is stored in the cloud n AWS S3 servers.

Metadata Management

Automatic / machine metadata tagging of photos based on machine-learning. Individual files or mass metadata management.

File Versioning

Automated file versioning features for easy creation of thumbnails and web-resolution. Easy upload and download of customised versions of assets.

Media search engine

Search for media by job, keyword or standard file and folder viewing methods. Customise the search display and optionally make use of an object, facial and logo recognition technologies.

Facial recognition

Machine-learning can identify and recognise faces in images uploaded. Track data such as events attended by employees and notify them when images are ready.

Permission management

Apply customised permission structures tailored to your organisational structure so only the right people can access the right content.

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Rhys Hyatt – Marketing & Communications Manager
University Of Western Australia

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